Top 13 Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2022

Top 13 Best Augmented Reality Apps in 2022

As more and more AR-enabled gadgets enter the market, augmented, reality applications have now become the standard. It’s a virtual reality technology that allows you to experience the world around you as if you were there in the physical world. The famous AR app Snapchat lets you shoot photographs in various settings and with a variety of different filter options.


For example, you may be able to see flowers falling on your backdrop, even when they aren’t. All of these effects are achieved by overlaying digital augmentation on top of virtual pictures.


Multiple Augmented Reality apps for various purposes have been released recently, in addition to camera-based AR apps. There are many great Android applications for Augmented reality, so we’ll help you find some of the finest.


Excited? Here we go: the fun begins!

1. Civilizations ARS

Students and everyone interested in history will find Civilisations AR to be the greatest augmented reality software for the job at hand. The use of AR in education is one of the finest methods to simplify complicated tasks and make applications like Civilisations AR crucial to the contemporary education system.


Artefacts of historical significance or from a specific epoch may be seen using the app. Most importantly, it allows students to get a close look at a mummy or a pyramid using their imaginations and the power of Augmented Reality technology. In addition, the app will allow you to listen to historical events and other vital information.


Despite the lack of notable historical events and artefacts, the app has 30 distinct ones from various eras and civilizations. To see everything in a realistic 3D depiction, you’ll simply need to use your phone and the app. Check out our other features, such as audio and x-ray views, to learn more about these gems, including their origins and backgrounds.

2. Snapchat

To get things off, we’ll be looking at the most popular name in augmented reality. As a Snapchat user, you may connect with random individuals and give them updates on your life by uploading videos and photographs. The software excels at shooting eye-catching photos with a variety of effects that might enhance your biometric traits, though. Useful for those who like socializing and networking.

3. Google’s Search Engine

If you’re in a new place and can’t find your way around, or if you can’t comprehend the notes your buddy has provided, Google Lens maybe your best friend.


Using Google Lens’ Augmented Reality technology, you may explore new areas around you while traveling, scan and translate the text in simple, understandable language, choose the appropriate furnishing design for your house, and do many other important activities.


The app’s user interface is straightforward; therefore, it’s easy to do all of the aforementioned things with it. To use the app’s full functionality, you will not be charged a single cent.

4. DoodleLens

You may use the editing capabilities in the Doodle Lens AR app to create a variety of entertaining animations, stickers, and other interesting content. Making these animations is as simple as sketching anything on paper and taking a photo of it using this software. It’s that simple. There are several ways to use the photo after you’ve taken it, such as creating animated videos with the assistance of a frame-by-frame builder or creating interactive 3D characters.


You may also copy and paste photographs of any quality or format and create fun animations. Animated sceneries and tales may be shared on all social media platforms. To use it, you will need to fork up roughly $2.

5. GIPHY.COM World

GIPHY World has one of the greatest collections of free GIFs, stickers, and memes. GIFs and memes may be made using the app’s impressive animations and color palette.


Using AR technology, you can give your GIFs a 3D appearance and increase their appeal. Comic book and cartoon characters may be made into animated gifs using the GifMaker program.

6. Houzz

A great augmented reality software for anybody who is moving and is having trouble figuring out what to put in their new house as far as furniture goes, Houzz is just what you need. It’s an e-commerce software that lets you utilize visual match technology to see which pieces of furniture would look best in your new home. With this program, you can also utilize the sketch tool to annotate directly on images.


AR technology allows you to put a product into a virtual environment and see how your new house will appear with fresh decor and furniture.

7. View Ranger

If you’re a traveler who loves augmented reality applications, you’ll want to check out View ranger. Take enhanced photographs of more than 9 million peaks, lakes, and other locations with the Skyline feature. Adventure features include premium globe maps and the ability to take pictures from an aeroplane or a satellite.


It also contains a GPS map that lets you keep track of your journey. Offline maps, which may be seen without an internet connection, can be added. The majority of the app’s functions are free; however, there are a few premium options.

8. Google Translator

In terms of real-time translation, Google Translate is one of the finest out there. Typing is all it takes to translate between 103 languages. There are numerous languages supported by the program, and translations are made within seconds by just snapping a photo of the text and translating it into your language.


The software is one of the greatest augmented reality applications that can translate bilingual conversations in real-time in 43 languages, as well as input text photographs for high-quality translations in 50 languages.


If you don’t have an internet connection, you may still use this app to translate 59 languages. The translations may also be saved as bookmarks and saved for future reference, as well.

9. The IKEA Spot

One of the apps that could come in helpful when it comes to furnishing your new house is IKEA. Measure your space using the app, and it will tell you exactly where everything should go in your home.


You can also use this software to make sure that the furniture you buy is exactly the right size for your area by using correct measurements. You may virtually arrange furniture and other items in a room to get a sense of how your new house will appear after it has been furnished with your selections, thanks to this software!

10. Ingress

As the name suggests, Ingress was created with gamers in mind. Ingress transforms your surroundings into a virtual realm where you may conquer gateways. You may interact and plan with other players from across the globe to take control of your portals and fields of play.


For players, the game genre is Sci-fi, which is a plus. With Enlightened and Resistance, you may further humanity’s evolution or preserve the earth from destruction. Some of the app’s functions are available for free, while others need a subscription.

11. Roar

Roar is an augmented reality app that is mostly aimed at Brands, Retailers, and marketers but is not restricted to that. Roar’s scanning feature provides a replica of any product’s physical picture on your mobile device, coupled with useful information about it.


Apps like this one allow shops to quickly scan and categorize their inventory. There are several advantages for consumers in terms of accessing product information and rating products by scanning the label or package. The Android version of the app is free to download.

12. Measure

In addition to measuring the measurements of your walls, you can also use the app to determine the height and width of your furniture and items. Simply snap a snapshot of your measurement and paste it into your clipboard to get an approximate object’s measurements.


You can measure any flat figure, 3D figure, or geometric form. I like the app since it is convenient and simple to use. You may point and touch on the thing, and it will automatically adjust and take the object’s measurements. On Android, you can get the app for free.

13. Holo

You may use Holo, a fun program, to deploy virtual holograms all over the area. It is possible to add holographic images and films to your snaps.


Amazing experiences may be had by using the app’s interesting characters, such as Spiderman and Einstein, to make images and films. Android users may get the app at no charge.

Final Thoughts

For the time being, however, most people have no idea what augmented reality (AR) apps are. All of the applications on our list are both helpful and enjoyable to use. All of these augmented reality apps for Android were top-notch. Let us know what you think of the apps on our list by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear about any other AR apps you know of.


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