VR HOUR - Virtual Reality Escape Room Santa Monica is the first and only fully immersive room-scale multiplayer virtual reality escape room offering 1 hour experiences for 1-6 players.

Envision immersing yourself into a completely different world where you are not only an observer but an active participant. Take a leap into new realities, terrains, creatures and wonders.

Walk in the shoes of adventurers, jungle explorers, special forces, archers, zombies and heroes saving the World. Meet your friends/family in virtual worlds to solve puzzles and create an extremely fun, engaging and rewarding journey together.

Bring your team today and experience the world in a totally new way!


2901 Ocean Park Blvd #103, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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2901 Ocean Park Blvd #103
Phone Number
(424) 334-4003
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