Bane Escape is proud to announce our newest escape room experience, The Offering. A multiplayer, Untethered, fully immersive, virtual reality escape room that promotes teamwork and communication. As pioneers in this new form of entertainment, The Offering combines a live action escape room game with an interactive virtual reality gaming experience.

Using the HTC Vive headset, each player can see, interact and communicate with their team members both in real time and in a virtual reality dimension. Strapped with backpacks, each player is free to walk around in the gaming space as the experience is completely wireless foregoing cumbersome wires that limits gameplay and player mobility.

Your VR escape room experience will take about 50 minutes, with 35 minutes of gameplay and 10-15 minutes of intro to gameplay and player setup. The game can accomodate 4 players with the option to expand.

Our recommended age is 10 and up.


618 West 46th Street, New York City, New York 10036, United States

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618 West 46th Street
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