9 Best Virtual Reality Games to Try in 2022

Top 9 Best Virtual Reality Games to Try in 2022


Virtual reality is steadily climbing the ranks to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Interest in headsets like the Meta Quest 2 is on the rise as the Metaverse idea gains traction online. It is possible to employ virtual reality for a variety of purposes, from amusement to work. But if you’re like me, you’ve undoubtedly invested in a virtual reality headset to play certain games in a more realistic environment. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking the finest virtual reality games. A list of the greatest virtual reality (VR) games available in 2022 has been assembled for your perusal. Grab your money, put on your headphones, and let’s get this started.

Best Virtual Reality Games To Play

Among the top virtual reality games, I’ve compiled a detailed list of the best of the best. Alternatively, you can use the table below to see them all at once. In the year 2022, the finest VR games will be available. Playing realistic VR games will need the use of a high-quality virtual reality headset.

1. Half-Life Alyx

With Alyx’s help, you can have even more fun in the Half-Life universe. Five years before the events of Half-Life 2, HL Alyx VR is a curious, hilarious, and horrifying experience. As Alyx Vance in city 17, you take on the role of Gordon Freeman’s replacement as she battles the Combine, an alien species that has taken over the planet. Alyx is a virtual reality game based on the Half-Life world, although it adds its own twists to the formula.


Everything from puzzle-solving to gunplay is included in this game, making it a must-have for fans of the genre. I really enjoyed playing around with Alyx’s physics in the time in between missions. There may have been some players who hoped for a more traditional Half-Life 3 experience, but this VR game is an exciting blend of many different genres that have been executed flawlessly in VR. Get Alyx for your VR headset today.

2. Beat Saber

Since its release in 2015, Beat Saber has become a virtual reality (VR) phenomenon. Sabers are wielded by each player, who must dodge obstacles while chopping away at the rhythms of different tunes. A wide variety of genres are represented, from hip-hop and rap to euphoric EDM. Because the beats are colored blocks, you’ll need to use the correct Saber for each one of them.


While playing Beat Saber, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a futuristic setting. Modifying the VR game is as simple as installing new backdrops, saber skins, and even tunes. Because Saber demands some physical activity, this is a wonderful virtual reality game for those who want to lose weight while playing. Is there anything more you’d want to see? Players from all around the globe may compete against your current top score. While working out in virtual reality, you can cut away to Billie Eilish’s rhythms.

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Elder scrolls skyrim is a game every gamer should have played at least once. It is only when you are immersed in the virtual world of Skyrim that you really experience the game. Despite the game’s tremendous popularity, most VR players found it enjoyable. Skyrim VR immerses users in Tamriel, the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In your job as Dragonborn, you are tasked with saving the realm by using the power of your voice.


All of the required features of virtual reality are there in Skyrim VR, including an incredible feeling of depth and immersion. In this virtual reality game, you have a lot of control over your experience because of the use of complete tracked motion controllers. Sword-swinging and magical gestures are just a few of the many things you may do in this action-packed RPG. Even if the aesthetics are old, Skyrim makes up for it with incredible gameplay. With the Dawngard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn downloadable content, there’s little doubt you’ll be spending a lot of time with this title.

4. Fallout 4 Virtual Reality

Fallout fans will be delighted to learn that portions of the game’s universe can be explored in virtual reality. When it comes to video games, Fallout 4 is an open-world survival game set in the future. Surviving Vault 111 is your job as the protagonist. Entering a post-nuclear Boston wasteland, you’re on the prowl for your missing kid while fending against the frightening creatures that have emerged.


Fallout 4 does a fantastic job at simulating a world filled with peril and danger at every turn. Room-scale tracking is included in the VR edition, which is a nice touch. Walking, teleporting, and firing weapons using your controls are all possible in this virtual reality game. Fallout 4 VR has various modifications available to improve this offer if you want to take it to the next level.

5. Minecraft VR

Since its inception, Minecraft has never required an introduction. Players all across the globe have been inspired by this enormously popular planet-building game to construct buildings and residences that will astonish everyone. The VR Edition of Minecraft is just as great, transporting you to the fantastical world of the game. In certain versions of Minecraft, you may use your controller to dig for resources, fight, and perform a variety of other things. Just be careful to get down there before it gets dark.

6. The Pavlov VR

To sum it up, everyone enjoys some good ol’ fashion gunplay. Pavlov VR is a game made specifically for virtual reality. Pavlov VR features full-scale gunfights on a wide variety of levels based on the famous CS: GO, shooter. Each map has a different mode to choose from, such as bomb plant, deathmatch, arms race, or even custom match.


Pavlov VR has a wide range of weaponry at your disposal, allowing you to experience shooting, reloading, and even throwing grenades in virtual reality. Do not underestimate the importance of having lightning-fast reflexes while reloading your weapon. To broaden their map selection, even more, gamers may download and install custom maps developed by others in the community. And yes, before you ask, Dust 2 has been reproduced in VR in its entirety.

7. Pistol Whip

To describe Pistol Whip, I’ve always struggled. The best way I can describe this VR experience is to say that it makes you feel like John Wick trapped in the vibrant realm of Sin City. Pistol Whip may more accurately be described as a rhythm-based VR action game. One of the game’s many situations involves a gun-wielding specialist. In contrast to Beat Saber, however, the beats to cut here are human targets that fire back.


To create an experience unlike any other, the creators of Pistol Whip drew inspiration from films like John Wick and Equilibrium to develop this virtual reality game. In order to progress through the stages, players must dodge, duck, and move about physically. In this virtual reality game, completing a level feels like an intense exercise. Take a spin with Pistol Whip on your headset and report back.

8. Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

When it comes to the Walking Dead, Saints and Sinners is a totally different experience from what you’ve come to expect. Surviving in New Orleans, where the infected have taken control, is the goal of this virtual reality action game. Due to the combination of melee and firearms combat, players may employ everything from knives to machine guns to take down the undead.


Creating a frightful environment and focusing on close-quarters fighting are two of Saints and Sinners’ strongest suits. As is customary in the Walking Dead series, you will encounter moral quandaries and be compelled to make decisions you don’t want to. Saints & Sinners is a story-driven horror game with action elements that should appeal to horror fans.

9. Superhot

When Superhot originally came out, the game’s unique gameplay mechanic was a big hit. Because it uses the exact same gameplay, SUPERHOT VR is an allusion to the plot. It’s up to the player to take out waves of pixel-shaped AI foes. You may use everything from combat-ready firearms to wine bottles to fling at your enemies.


However, there is a VR version of that one special mechanic. “Time moves only when you move it.” To get the most out of Superhot VR, you will need to pay close attention to the timing of your body motions. It’s best to prepare for a punishing exercise that might even make you irate when you fail a level in Superhot. All of that hard work pays off in the end, as Superhot’s tale concludes happily.


The compatibility information for any of the finest VR games on our list should always be checked before purchasing. A good VR game isn’t necessarily accessible to everyone. It’s important to choose a game that works with your VR gear before purchasing it.

Consider the game’s space needs as well. It is possible to play certain games while seated. In certain games, you may be required to move about your playing area or given a choice to do so. Make sure you pick out the finest virtual reality games that don’t need you to walk, run, or jump all over the place if your space is smaller.


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