Top 15 Reasons Why Valve VR Is Gaining Popularity Day By Day

The number of VR users is rising daily, and many are looking
for the best equipment to help them enjoy the activity to the fullest. But when
it comes to this kind of market, so much can be confusing.

There are many VR rigs and many accessories for use with
these products. We have compiled a list of 15 reasons why Valve VR is gaining
popularity daily, along with recommendations on what you need to make your rig
successful in the long term.

What Are Valve Index, Steam Index, And Index VR?

Valve Index is a virtual reality system that includes the
headset, controllers, and base station. The Index comes with two handheld
controllers, one of which has a trackpad and buttons on its face, while the
other features buttons and a joystick.

The Index VR system is the latest in Valve’s virtual reality
headsets. The Index VR kit includes three Lighthouse base stations (one for
each side of your room), a wireless link box, two Vive wireless controllers, a
pair of Vive earbuds, a Link Box Adapter for connecting your PC to the
headset’s tether cable and two teams of Vive motion controllers.

The Steam Index is an internal calculation tool used by
Valve that determines how much money players have spent on Steam games. The Index
includes purchases made on Steam using any payment method except gift cards or
PayPal (which Valve doesn’t support). It doesn’t include purchases made outside
Steam or sales produced through third-party resellers like Green Man Gaming or

Top 15 Reasons Why Valve VR Is Gaining Popularity Day By Day

1. Valve VR Offers a Wider FOV

When it comes to virtual reality, there are two main things
that most people look at: the field of view (FoV) and the level of immersion.
The FoV is the degree that a VR headset can see, while the level of immersion
refers to how much you feel inside a virtual world.

Though other factors like graphics and resolution, the FoV
and level of immersion seem to be the most important. Valve VR has been praised
for its wide FoV, and this aspect alone will make people choose it over others.

Its level of immersion is also pretty impressive; when using
it, people find themselves more engrossed with their environment than in other
headsets. In addition, it also features an innovative camera system. The setup
is simple, safe, and effective in providing an excellent VR experience.

2. Valve VR Offers Higher Resolution per Eye

Valve has unveiled a new version of its SteamVR headset,
called Index. The new headset offers a higher resolution per eye compared to
its predecessors. The headset also features two OLED displays with a resolution
of 1440 x 1600 each, providing a comprehensive explanation of 2880 x 1600
pixels per eye.

3. Valve VR Offers Higher Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a VR headset determines how smooth your
visuals will be when you’re using it for gaming or watching videos in 3D mode.
In this regard, Valve’s Index headset has an even higher refresh rate than both
Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro (90 Hz). The increased refresh rate ensures your
visual experience is smooth and immersive, especially during fast-paced action
games or first-person shooters (FPS).

4.    Valve
VR Offers a Better Controller

The Vive controller is wireless and comes with a touchpad
for user interaction with virtual objects. The Vive controller also has a
joystick that allows users to navigate menus, games, and apps.

The company has also introduced an updated version of its
controllers called Vive Tracker. These small trackers can be attached to almost
any object you want and can be used as a gun or sword in games. For example, In
The Lab, you can shoot at balloons with the tracker on your hand or even use it
as a golf club in VR Happy Urinal Ball!

5.  Valve VR Has a Fully-Flush Nose Gap

After the announcement of Valve’s new VR headset, the
company has received several questions regarding whether users will be able to
wear eyeglasses with its virtual reality headsets or not. Some users were
concerned that they might be unable to wear eyeglasses with their headsets
because these covers would block the nose gap, one of the central ventilation
holes used by these devices.

Thankfully, this issue has already been addressed by Valve
as it claims that its new VR headset does have a fully-flush nose gap.
Moreover, users can comfortably wear their eyeglasses with the device without worrying
about any discomfort caused by a blocked nose gap.

6.    Valve VR Is More Comfortable and Lighter

The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require a high-end computer
with a lot of space for the sensors, so some people may be hesitant to invest
in them. Valve VR is a bit different, as it doesn’t require an expensive
computer or a lot of space because it works with mobile phones.

The most common mobile phone supported by Valve VR is the
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but you can also use any Note 4 or above with a
USB port. With this new technology, you don’t need to buy an expensive computer
to access virtual reality; you only need your phone and your VR headset. If you
already have a Samsung phone on hand, then you’re ready to go!

7.    Valve VR Has Built-In Fault Detection System

Valve has a built-in fault detection system in its headsets,
which helps users detect faults in the hardware and software. This feature
allows users to fix the problem within minutes, making this headset one of the
best available in the market.

8.    Valve VR Can Be Used Every Day without Problems

Another reason behind its popularity is that it can be used daily
without problems. The device provides high-definition video quality and has a
high refresh rate so that users can enjoy their favorite movies and videos

9.    Valve VR Offers 360 Degrees Viewing Experience

Valve offers 360 degrees viewing experience for all its
users so that they can enjoy their favorite movies and videos easily without
facing any issues while using it at home or elsewhere at their convenience.

10.   Valve VR Has an Ultra-Low Persistence Display

While most other VR headsets use OLED displays, Valve has
opted for LCDs. This helps them achieve a refresh rate of 90 Hz, much higher
than most other headsets on the market today (which have refresh rates between
60 Hz and 75 Hz). This allows gamers to enjoy the better visual quality and
smoother gameplay while using their headset!

11. Valve VR Has Custom Optics Technology

Another thing that sets Valve apart from other companies’
custom optics technology. They’ve created a unique lens design that reduces
distortion and chromatic aberration – both of which are common problems with
traditional lenses. This means that when you play games with your headset, they’ll
look more transparent and more realistic than they usually would!

12.  VR Valve is Compatible 3no with Different

VR Valve is compatible with the Google Cardboard and Android
phones, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. So you can
use it to watch movies on your phone or play games on your PC.

13.  VR Valve has The Lighthouse Technology

The lighthouse technology allows you to track your head
movements in real-time. You can also walk around the room without worrying
about bumping into walls or tripping over things because the lighthouse will
notice any changes in your position and adjust accordingly.

14. VR Valve Provide You with Multiplayer Mode

You can play multiplayer games with your friends even if
they are not home! This means the fun doesn’t have to stop when one person goes
away for a while or moves house! Your friends can join you worldwide if they
have an internet connection! This feature is excellent for parents who want
their children to stay active and have fun growing up!

15.  VR Valve has High-end Sound Haptics

The most important part of a VR headset is the sound
haptics. This technology provides realistic sounds and vibrations, so you don’t
feel alone in the virtual world.

The sound and haptic technology used in the Valve VR is of
high quality, making it one of the best headsets on the market today. It has an
integrated amplifier that can easily connect to your TV or PC. The sound
quality is also outstanding, and you can listen to music from your device
directly through this headset.

Bottom Line

As you have read above, Valve VR is on fire right now, and
there’s a reason for that: it’s incredible! Whether you’re a hardcore or casual
gamer, or someone who wants to watch movies in VR, this headset should be at
the top of your shortlist.

We could spend all day going through the benefits of the
hardware – and we’ve already done so in the review – but we’d hate to see you
miss out on an opportunity to experience this outstanding piece of technology.

Put, if you’re a fan of VR, then
you should check out Valve VR. It truly is unlike anything else on the market.


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